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Strawless Challenge

Millions of plastic straws are used in the United States each day! Join the #strawlesschallenge and be this change!



Single-use plastic straws have become a consumer expectation. Plastic straws have a lifetime of minutes but end up in the landfills and pollute waterways. Be this change – ask for straws on demand and consider BYOS.


Reusable and BYOS 

If you love straws, check out vetted alternatives that you can purchase just once. Choose from paper, stainless steel, glass, or bamboo. By using eco-friendly reusable straws, you can divert plastic straws from ending up in landfills and the ocean. 


Take the Challenge

Pledge your commitment to go strawless or Bring Your Own Straw (BYOS). Every Friday, we draw a prize winner from a list of all of those who have taken the Challenge. Scroll down for more info on prizes! 


The Challenge

Single-use plastic straws have become an expectation for restaurant and bar customers across the United States, oftentimes without the server giving the customer an option.  This small act has led to a significant impact of an estimated 500 million plastic straws thrown away each day in the U.S. alone. That means 182,500,000,000 straws per year go into the landfills, streams, lakes, and oceans! You’re invited to take the #strawlesschallenge by just reducing or reusing. 

By taking the Strawless Challenge and choosing to switch to an eco-friendly alternative in your daily life, you are becoming a part of the solution to reducing pollution from the source! Together we can make a difference, here’s how: 

As a Consumer

  • Ask your waiter or waitress for a drink without a straw before they even give you one. 
  • If you are on the go and need a straw in your drink, or if you have house guests who prefer to use straws, It’s easy to find a reusable straw to keep at home or with you. See alternatives below. 
  • Talk to others about the strawless challenge and share your success on social media using #strawlesschallenge.
  • Ask your network to participate across the globe. Check out the Implementation Resources below and start the Challenge in your own town or business. 
  • Sign up and your city and state will be added to the map. 

As a Business or Restaurant

  • Adopt a straw upon request policy to only offer straws when customers ask for them. 
  • Offer a reusable straw, such stainless steel that will last forever.
  • Commit to replacing plastic with a biodegradable ecofriendly paper straw.
  • Spread the word and share your story with other businesses. Share your success on social media using #strawlesschallenge 
  • Sign up below and your logo, city, and state, will be added to the website

Implementation Resources

Below are some resources you can use to start the Strawless Challenge in your own town or restaurant! Hang the customer flyer in your business or use the paper straw analysis to see when you’ll break even by offering paper straws. Please click on the buttons below to see how easy it is to join the challenge!

Change Your Straw

Below are a few eco-friendly straw alternatives you might like to try. Please click on the images to learn about alternatives to one-time usage straw.

Take the Strawless Challenge

*By accepting the Strawless Challenge and choosing to switch to a plastic straw alternative in your daily life, you are becoming a part of the solution to reducing pollution from the source! Together we can make a difference

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Enter to Win Free Prizes!

Enter to win some snazzy prizes like stainless steel straws from Klean Kanteen that have a flexible, removable, and washable tip, Chico Bags, paper and bamboo straws, and Chico Bag To-Go-Ware sets. 

Congratulate These
Challenge Champs!

Jocelyn G. from Chico,CA. Emily B. from Chico, CA. Cliff F. from Santa Fe, NM. Christina P. from Chico,CA. and Zimmri G. from Chico, CA! 

Be This Change Founders 


About Us

We believe that we can create a better world by taking actions that protect the natural environment and foster human kindness. Together we make a difference! 

Around the world, billions of plastic straws are used for mere minutes only to be thrown away. Straws pass through recycling centers because they are too light, and will out live you and me, and future generations. These little bits of plastic pollute our ocean, kill coral reefs, threaten endangered wildlife and contribute to the massive plastic pollution problem we are facing today. One tiny straw can make a difference – can you?

Fortunately, a small town in northern California is making some big changes! Hula’s Chinese Bar-B-Q, located in Chico, CA has gone straw-free since December of 2017 as part of Chico’s #strawlesschallenge. The campaign is a positive and educational outreach to encourage business owners to ditch the straw and to change customer habits regarding single-use plastic. Hula’s annual volume of 100,000 plastic straws has been converted to 100% paper straws, and they have changed their straw policy to straws only on demand. The restaurant has made the switch to Aardvark’s paper straws which are incredibly durable and made in the U.S.A. They are also completely recyclable and will begin to biodegrade after 45 days. Other businesses might like to try stainless steel straws or bamboo straws as eco-friendly alternatives.

For consumers, we encourage everyone to go BYOS and say “no straw please” next time you’re out on the town. Take part in a positive impact change by being more aware of your straw sucking habits and take the challenge here on the website. We invite you to challenge others and share your success on social media using #strawlesschallenge. For restaurants like Hula’s, we have created flyers and training guides so that you can implement the cause in your own town or business. We ask everyone to reach out to their networks and invite their friends to take challenge! When you take the challenge, you are entered to win some super fun prizes and for businesses, we can showcase your logo on the website and add your town to the Strawless Challenge map!

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